About the Perfectionists

Education within the salon industry is one of the most exciting places to be right now.

Everyone is doing it!

There are so many fantastic techniques, ethos and skills being taught and learnt. The big question we asked ourselves was whether or not there was space for another education platform. Our answer was a resounding yes. We found an opportunity within the market not only to deliver an improved experience to course attendees but also for educators and brands we partner with. Connecting people together is our mission. The greater the experience you enjoy while teaching, learning and planning education, the better the results are produced. 

Who are we?

The Perfectionists is made up of Daniel Granger, Filip Cerri and Billy Clarke. Between us, we have over 50-years of education experience across industries and educational levels. With our relevant connections and expertise, we plan to establish not just another education platform, but a movement.

We want everyone to learn not just what to do, how to do it but the why you do it. We sincerely believe, that education with the Perfectionists will not only bolster your efforts in your craft, yet also your financial potential. That’s a win for you and a win for however you go about your daily activities, not forgetting a win for your customers.

We are for salon owners, freelancers, people working within a salon, budding educators and those who want to teach, brands that are established education providers and those who want to reach new audiences.

To one, and all, we welcome you into the circle.

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Daniel Granger

Chief Education Officer

Daniel is in charge of everything that drives education. From the experience to the things we teach. He is our port of call for anyone and everyone when it comes to education. Daniel, with this title, is our shining example of what we want to deliver to the world.

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Filip Cerri

Chief Operations Officer

Filip ensures we are operating efficiently as a business and tackles much of the day-to-day activities when courses are running. His vision is high-level, brief and helps to make sure the business strategy and education is delivered in absolute harmony.

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Billy Clarke

Chief Strategy Officer

Billy is in charge of communicating and implementing the company's strategy internally and externally, so that all employees, partners, suppliers, and contractors understand the company-wide strategic plan and how it carries out the company's overall goals.

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